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Professional Landscaping, turf Sales, Preparation and installation.

Logan, Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs.

Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Fencing, Concrete Slabs, Driveways and Paths, Turfing, Yard Drainage, 

Griffo's Turf, Turf Supplies, Turf Laying, Lawn, Lawns, Turfing, contractor, sapphire, sir walter, wintergreen, palmetto, Griffo’s Turfs and Landscaping. We can Supply your new turf, Lay your new Turf, and even Prepare the ground for you. Griffo’s Turfing offer professional turfing preparation and laying services throughout Gold Coast Brisbane, Redland Bay, Logan.

Not making the correct decisions while your new lawn to establish itself can lead to loss of money, time and energy, that’s why you need the Griffo’s Turfing experts to lay your new lawns.

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Ground Preparation, Lawn Laying service, New Lawn sales,

We supply, install and wholesale many variety’s of Turf for all applications.

Call : 0472 508 670

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Landscaping, Laying turf, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan and Redland Bay. PH 0472 508 670

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Redland Bay, Ipswich, turf, turfing, turf supplies, grass, lawn, lawns, supply and layA properly laid and well established and maintained lawn is a life time investment, which adds considerable value to your properties. Griffo’s Turfs Supply Prep and laying offers safe, clean and on time turfing laying services which are always environmentally friendly and fairly priced.

Once we have your lawn fully established and looking beautiful, you will appreciate all the benefits of having Griffo’s experienced turfing crews lay your new lawns. Brisbane,  Logan Gold Coast or Logan. Griffo’s Professional preparation and laying services provide you with the foundations for a beautiful, cost effective and usable lawn investments. All Prep work.

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Preparation for Turfing.

Griffo’s Turf Preparation can supply and install quality turfs of any variety that suits our customers wishes. As professional a turfs supply business in the Brisbane area our aim is to supply our clients with the best turf laying method that is always environmentally friendly. As well as reasonably prices, we use only organic methods, a special blend of compost fertilizer and 100% natural organic pesticides to control pests.

Griffo’s Turfing and preparation Brisbane pride ourselves on operating in a safe work environment. Call : 0472 508 670

Griffo’s Mini Digger Hire.

  • DIY Mini Digger Hire.
  • Mini Digger Hire.

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    Mini Digger Hire Clifton Qld.
  • Slab and Turfs Preparation work.
  • Trenching. 150 mm and 100 mm wide trenchers.
  • Post Hole Digging.  200 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm augers available.
  • Rotary Hoeing.   (Tilling)
  • Turfing Brisbane Logan Ipswich and Gold Coast.
  • Limited Access Earth Moving. Our Machine is only 1050 mm wide.
  • Dingo Hire / Kanga Hire. With Operator @ only $99 per Hour* plus GST.
  • DIY Mini Loader DRY Hire ( No Operator ) from $220 Per Day.
  • Install your new Lawns.
  • Phone 0472 508 670

Landscapers, Turfing, Brisbane, Logan, Redland Bay, Ipswich, Gold Coast.


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