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Turf Varieties


Turf, Turfing, Lawn, Lawns, Turf Supplies, Purf Preparation,Griffo’s Turf can supply a large range of turf grasses and varieties. We can also help you to find the turfs most suited to your own situation residential or commercial block, We have very competitive prices on Supply, Preparation Work and Laying. Below you’ll will find some of the different varieties of buffalo, green couch’s, blue couch’s and even zoysia variety.

Any questions regarding our turf varieties or if would like more information on other varieties of turf, please contact Griffo’s on 0472 508 670.

Sapphire Buffalo Grasses

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo’s perform as well as all other buffalo turf, with an added benefit of a finer leaf texture. It also has the best shade tolerance of all the buffalo grasses. Our Sapphire@ Buffalo Lawns have a truly amassing colour. It has a deep green colouring which will make your beautiful lawn the envy of all your friends. 

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Turfs.
Sapphire turf, grass, grasses, sapphire lawn,
Sapphire Lawns.
  • Fabulous for shade and heavy sun situations.
  • Softer feel under foot.
  • Low on maintenance.
  • Excellent all year colouring.
  • Fast recovery from wear and tear situauions.
  • The perfect variety for shaded and ware situations. 

        It is suited for commercial parks and Home Lawns residential lawns.

Palmetto Buffalo Lawns. 

Palmetto has a soft leaf that has a very rich green coloring. Compared to many other buffalo turf varieties for sale it is slower growing.  This means less mowing. Our Palmetto lawns have a good tolerance for shaded areas, the cold, heat, and frost which makes it a great choice for a turf grass.

Palmetto Buffalo Turfs have.Palmetto Turf, Palmetto, Turf, grass, lawn, lawns,
  • Lower mowing and maintenance requirements.
  • Is great for both shade and full sun areas.
  • Keeps a good color through winter.
  • Is Softer under foot.
  • Is the World’s number one selling buffalo grass variety.
    It is suited to commercial and building and parks.    

 Empire Zoysia lawns. 

Empire Zoysia turf does not get anywhere the recognition it deserves. It has a leaf size that comes somewhere between couch turf and buffalo, (it is about 2.5mm) Griffo’s Empire Zoysia is a perfect variety to consider if you don’t like the broader buffalo’s or the fine leaf of couch’s. The Empire Zoysia turf variety is a very slow growing variety, and once it is established will have to be mowed less often than other lawn varieties on sale around Brisbane.

Empire Zoysia Turfs.
  • Lower maintenance requirements.Empire Zoysia, Empire. Zoysia, Turf, turfs, turfing, Grass, lawn, Lawns,
  • Harder wearing
  • Reasonably good shade tolerances. 
  • A fine to medium leaf grass.
  • Soft to the touch and to lay on.

Well suited to golf courses, home lawns, playing fields and other commercial situations.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter turf has become the ultimate in Australian turf varieties. The Sir Walter Turf variety grows in heavy shade just as easily as in the full sunlight, and has very lush, and mild green coloring with a soft broad leaf. It is recommended for any lawn situation, domestic and commercial.

  • Arguably Australia’s Number 1 choice in Buffalo Lawns.

    Sir Walter, Turf, Lawn, Lawns, Turf Supply, supply and lay, Sir Walter, Sapphire, Wintergreen, Oz Tuff, Aussie Blue, Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Redland Bay
    Sit Walter
  • It is Tough and Drought tolerant.
  • Needs little mowing or fertilizer.
  • Fungus and Disease resistant.
  • Great in the shade as well as full.
  • It is an Australian Bred variety. 
  • Weed resistant’s is good. 
  • Its Self repairing.
  • Has some Salt tolerance.
  • Soft to touch.
  • Sir Walter when only the best will do.

OZ Tuff Green Couch.

Oz Tuff is considered a high quality of turf with a slow growth rate as well as low nutrition requirement grass. It’s dark green color and dense prostrate habits, limited the seed head productions, and has a high salt tolerance. These are just some of the pluses of of the Oz Tuff Variety. The Oz Tuff variety will develop a strong and deep rooting system, giving it the advantage over other grass varieties in droughts and stressed conditions. Oz Tuff is able grow in low quality soils where the nutrients would be inadequate for most other varieties of turfs. 

Oz Tuff Turf Green Couch.

oz Tuff, turf couch, grass, lawn, lawns,
Oz Tuff Couch
  • Has a high tolerance to.
  • Salt.
  • Drought.
  • Pests and Diseases.
  • Wear ( for Higher traffic areas)

Also Has Low.

  • Nutrition needs.
  • Growth height.
  • Finer leaf textures.

Well suited to household lawns, golf courses, playing fields and commercial areas.

Wintergreen Couch Turf.

For a less expensive variety of turf that is very hardy and water wise try Wintergreen couch. 

Click Here for more Information on Wintergreen Couch or CALL : 0472 508 670