Empire Zoysia Turf

EMPIRE Zoysia Turf.

Empire Zoysia grows Queensland Wide and will provide a lawn which is easy very to look after. It has a reasonably fine leaf Turf. Turf Supplies, Turf Prep, Turf Preparation, Turf supply and lat, turf laying, lawn, lawns, grass, empire zoysia,that’s soft to the touch, excellent wear ability and will thrive in extreme heat or humidity. Empire Zoysia is also good in those shaded areas and will keep good winter coloring as well it will generally out-compete those weeds once it’s established. Our Empire Zoysia will generally require less water & less mowing maintenance than any other commercially grown lawns in Australia.  Griffo’s Turf Prices. 

Empire Zoysia Turf just keeps on looking great.

This Turf would be one of the hardest lawns in Australia to wear out. It is also a good shade Turf. 

Aesthetically. Empire Zoysia, Empire. Zoysia, Turf, turfs, turfing, Grass, lawn, Lawns,

  • Very Eye catching darker green in colour.
  • Luxurious and soft to the-touch feel.
  • Fine and tight leaf or blade.
  • Super autumn to winter coloring.
  • Greens up in early Spring (if dormant).
  • Smaller leaf blade (5 to 7 mm). 


  • Will grow in sandy and clay type soils.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Strong re growth from their underground rhizomes.
  • Rapid damage recovery.
  • Good resistance to disease and insects  (especially those lawn grubs).
  • Moderate to good tolerance to shade. 


  • Will Grow Queensland wide.
  • Will Thrive in extremes heat and humidity.
  • Excellent in cold areas.
  • Good Drought tolerance due to deep rooting system.


  • Less water usage due to its deep roots.
  • Requires less fertilizers.
  • Less need for insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

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Empire Zoysia. Empire Zoysia.