Oz Tuff Turf

Oz Tuff Turf Now supplied by Griffo’s.

Oz Tuffs is a higher quality variety of turf with a lower growth height and requires less nutrients than many other varieties turf supplies, supply and lay, grass, grasses, lawn, lawns, turf prep, turf preparation,of turf. It has a dense root system, darker green in color and limited seed production, it is also highly salt tolerance. These are only a few of Oz Tuff’s qualities.
Oz Tuff will develop a strong and deep rooting system, which gives it the advantage over other varieties of turfs during droughts and other stressful situations. Oz Tuff will grow in lesser qualities of soil and clay where the nutritional value would not be considered adequate for other varieties of turf.
Further more scientific evaluation on Oz Tuff have proved it to be among the more environmentally sustainable varieties of turf on the Brisbane market.  Griffo’s Turf Price List.

Some of Oz Tuffs  unique characteristics.

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Oz Tuff Couch.
  • Its low nutrient needs save you both time and money.
  • Easy to keep weed free.
  • The best salt tolerances of any of the green couches.
  • Will tolerate recycled waters.
  • Less mowing because it grows shorter. 
  • Less water evaporation because of its fine leaves. 
  • Will stay green longer and recover promptly from stressful situations.

Maintenance information for Oz Tuff.

  • Mow 20 to 25 mm during summer every 2 weeks.
  • Mow 25 to 30 mm during winter and every 4 weeks.
  • Fertilize every 10 to 12 weeks during the spring and summer using a quality lawn Fertilizer.
  • Call Griffo’s For a quote on Turf supplies including Oz Tuff, Preparation, And Turfs Prep and Lay work. 

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