Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Palmetto Buffalo Turf. palmetto turf, palmetto, turf, turf laying, turf preparation, lawn, lawns, grass,

This Buffalo grass has a very soft leaf, and unlike the older more traditional and scratchy Buffalos, is not going to irritate young children. Palmetto lawns don’t have the scratchy barb on the leafs, this is why it’s soft. The more common Buffalos, however, do have the barbs, and this is why they don’t feel as soft.

Less Mowing and Maintenance.Palmetto Turf, Palmetto, Turf, grass, lawn, lawns,

Unlike some of the other quickly upward growing Buffalo grasses, Palmetto Buffalo Lawns need somewhat less maintenance (mowing). Although the Palmetto@ Buffalo Turf grows across the ground at a rapid speed, the upward growth on the leaf is slower than most other Buffalos lawn varieties. One main reasons for people to buy Buffalo grasses is that they require less maintenance (mowing). Look for Buffalo grasses like Palmetto@, ones that grow faster across the ground, they have better wear tolerances, and is one that will grow more upward more slowly for less maintenance mowing. We believe that Palmetto@ turf is the only of the Buffalo grass in our Australian market to does this.

Great Winter Colour.

Griffo’s Palmetto@ Buffalo turfs have outstanding winter colour. Comparisons on many  growers farms over the years show that in the cold of winter, most other Buffalo grasses don’t remain as green as the Palmetto.

Palmetto, has on average, a 75.5% greener winter colour than most other buffalo grasses in research.

Drought Resistant.

Our Palmetto has a large and deep rooting system, which make it more drought resistant. The Palmetto@ Buffalo Grass is efficient using water and stays greener for longer periods during dry conditions. This makes it he most likely lawn to stay green all year. Palmetto Buffalo Turf stays green summer and winter.

Great Shade Tolerance.

The Palmetto@ Buffalo turf will perform well in full sun, but can also thrive in shaded areas where other turfs will fail. A Palmetto lawn will require daily, from 4 plus hours of direct sunlight. No grass will grow in total shade, however Palmetto is better at it than a lot of others. It has the best winter growth activity, and it is less likely to drop off in heavy shad areas throughout  winter. Griffo’s Recommend Palmetto@ for anything up to 45% shade with areas which get less wear and as much as 65% shade in an area with moderate or higher wear.

Out Competing the Weeds.

Once your Palmetto Buffalo grasses are well established, their dense growth make it very much harder for the weeds to establish themselves. As Palmetto will actively grow throughout most areas during winter, it gives the weeds less chance invade. This time of year is when when many other Buffalo lawns develop their weed problems. There is no doubt that weeds will occasionally develop in your Palmetto buffalo lawn, and if occurs, please follow your maintenance guides.

Low Allergenic.

Palmetto@ Buffalo grasses are great for people with who have allergies. Seed heads on grasses can cause allergies, so you will be happy to know that Palmetto has less seed heads. In a full one year trial Palmetto@ grass had on average 40% less seed heads than other popular varieties.

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