Sapphire Buffalo Turf

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf.

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Sapphire turf, grass, grasses, sapphire lawn, Buffalo, buffalosSapphire ®, is a softer narrow Leaf Buffalos. It has a performance rating as good or better than any other buffalo grasses, with an added benefits of a finer softer texture.

Griffo’s Sapphire ® Soft-Leaf Lawns will grow quiet rapidly across the grounds, and they will you with provide a quicker recovery rate from children and animals, wear and tear. It has an excellent winter color, and it has quiet a deep rooting system.

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Our Sapphire® Softer narrower Leafed Buffalo’s have a color that is simply amazing, its lush green coloring will make your home and lawns the envy of any in the street or suburb.

Griffo’s Sapphire® soft-Leaf-Buffalo’s Grasses have a finer texture. If you’r someone wanting  buffalo lawns, but don’ like the coarser look of leafs, then our Sapphire-Softer Buffalo’s may be the Lawns for you. Other outstanding  buffalo’s will have a very coarse looking leaf and texture as compared to our Sapphires Softer leaf Buffalo Grasses.

Griffo’s Sapphires® Soft-Leaf Grasses have excellent lush winter coloring in Brisbane and all around Australia. It can however go dormant in the colder winters like in Toowoomba. However it hold it’s winter coloring longer than most other varieties for lawns.

Griffo’s Have Great Prices on Sapphire.

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Preparation work, Supply and laying of lawns and supply of under turf soils for this variety start at $10 per square meter.

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