Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter Turf Lawns.

There are many reasons for Sir Walter to be Australia’s No one selling buffalo grasses. Our Sir Walter Buffalo Lawns have Sir Walter Turf Grass, Turf, Sir Walter, lawn, lawns, SirWalterstood the test of time and proved time and again that it can grow any where.

  • Grows well in full sun.
  • in shaded areas of your yard.
  • Grows well in hot climates.
  • Tolerates the frosts.
  • Tolerant to drought conditions.

Developed here in Australia, the Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn were created to be a tough and yet soft, and good looking turf as well. Over the past twenty years  we have seen around 60,000,000 meter of Sir Walter turf purchased through out Australia. That’s the equivalent of around 450,000 house lawns.

It’s versatile and hardy grass and handles many problems which cause many other lawns a suffer.

Sir Walter Turf, proven drought and shade tolerant grass.

Why would you want brown lawn in summer when you could have lovely green, drought tolerant lawns like Sir Walter Buffalo’s which will make you make you the envy of any street.

Sir Walters roots will grow deep into the soil gathering up the moisture. Our Sir Walter lawns may reduce your back yard temperature by up to ten degrees.

There are many different Buffalo Grasses available on the Queensland and Brisbane market, but none will better Sir Walter for ticking all the boxes.

Great for children and your pets.

When you buy Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Grass, you are are buying the best lawns money can buy.turf, grass, grasses, lawn, lawns, sir walter, sir walter turf,

Those days of playing footy in the back yard and ending up covered in Bindii are gone or diving for a catch and finishing up with a mouthful of soil.

Sir Walter Lawns are:

  • softer leafed.
  • lower allergenic.
  • resistant to weeds.
  • green lush color.

It is perfect for Queensland Lawns.

Minimal maintenance Required.

A Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Lawn have a habit of tight growth and blocks most of those weeds from growing. As well it has the ability to quickly repair itself when damaged, this lessens the likely hood of bare spots.

To ensure you are receiving Quality Sir Walter Turf Lawn.

  • purchase from Griffo’s Turf.
  • look for the Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Turf.
  • Call Griffo’s Turf for a price on the preparation, supply and laying of your new lawn. 
  • Griffo’s Phone 0472 508 670.