Wintergreen Couch Turf

Facts on Wintergreen Couch Turf.

  • Mowing Height.  Winter green can be cut short. 
  • Sun and Shade. Yes Wintergreen likes full sun but some shade is acceptable. 
  • Colour.  Light to mid green.
  • Drought Tolerance. Yes wintergreens drought tolerant. 
  • Water Usage. Wintergreen’s water usage is minimal when it is established. 
  • Self Repairing. Definitely. 
  • Rooting System.  Winter green has a deep root system. 
  • Runners. Yes both above and below ground level. 
  • Leaf Shape. This couch has a Fine leaf.

Wintergreen Couch turf has to be on of the best all round lawns on the Queensland market and has a mid – green in wintergreen, wintergreen couch, winter green, couch, turf, turfs, turfing, lawn, lawns, couches, grass, grasses, colouring. 

It has a finely textured leaf with quiet a heavy growth structure and will thrive in full sun light it also has a superior drought tolerance. Wintergreen couch is a very hard wearing turf, It’s soft to the touch and just great for children, high traffic, and dog play areas. Griffo’s Wintergreen turf suits Australia’s warm climate well and can be widely used in sporting grounds,home lawns, and on the golf course.

Wintergreen Couch lawns have a runner – creeping growth and deep rooting systems, which makes it extremely fast in self repairing. It will recover smartly from any damage or ware. The runners deep rooting system can unfortunately, make their way under and around garden edges and start growing in your gardens. 

Griffo’s Wintergreen Couch just loves the full sun. In a shade and mostly shade area this couch may become very might not grow or become thin. 

Wintergreen Couch is best if mowed short. 

Wintergreen Couch Characteristics.

  • Self Repairing and extremely hard Waring.
  • Drought resistant-tolerant and Hardy.  
  • Terrific for Kids, Dogs and High Traffic. 
  • Has a soft very fine leaf. 
  • Runner system is aggressive both below and above the ground. 
  • Salt tolerance is good. 
  • Grows carpet like and low. 
  • It can be used on both Tennis and Golf Courses.
  • Fertilise in Spring and Autumn to keep best colour. 
  • When going into winter its Summer green will fade. 

Lawn on Maintenance.


You should not cut more than 30 to 40 percent of the leaf should be cut in one mow. Avoid mowing when your grass is wet from rain or heavy dew and keep your blades sharp. The height at which you mow can be an important factor in keeping your lawn healthy. In the summer mowing should be 7 to 10 days apart. In Autumn and winter mowing 2 to 5 weeks apart. 

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