Turf Preparation

Griffo’s Turf Preparation and soil prep.

Correct Turf preparation is essential for your lawns to thrive.

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Turf Preparation Work. Always prepare your ground before laying Turf.

Turf Preps. There’s no better way to give your new lawn a great start than to properly prepare the ground and improve the soil before laying your new lawns. Some of the benefits to properly preparing and improving your soil are. Always Prep your soil before turfing. 

  • You will improve the uniformity. 
  • Increase the density.
  • Lawns will recover more quickly from ware. 
  • You will reduce your wastage of Chemicals fertilisers and WATER.
  • And have less Maintenance to worry about. 
  • Turf Preparation work is essential before turfing. 

Why Is my soil preparation So Important.

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Turf Preparation, Add a layer of Quality Under turf Soil. When doing your Turfing Preparation.

For optimum growth, new lawns grasses needs only four things to grow well Nutrients, sun, water and air. Limit any one of these, or give it too much, and your lawn might die or just not do well. In the correct proportion, new lawn grasses should flourish, not only giving you a beautiful landscape, but also a safe and clean playground as well as many benefits to the environment. Call Griffo’s For a quote on your Turfing Prep. 

Lawn Grasses will obtain three of its essential ingredients from your newly prepared soil. (Nutrients water and air.) Many soils are not ideal for growing turfs Grasses. Some will be to compacted and or have to muck clay content. Compacted soils might be good for roads but not for grass. We need both air and water to get to the grass roots and compaction will hinder this. Other soils ma contain to much sand which will the moisture and nutrients to quickly pass the root zone leaving nothing for the grass. Another problem new lawns might face is is the soils HP Levels.  Your soil may be to high or to low in alkalinity or acidity. You might need to check your soil HP Levels. 

The Proper Turf preparation work is essential for growing your turf. Turfing Preps. 

What’s The Best Soils For new Lawn Grasses. 

Sandy Loam’s with a PH balance from 7 down to 6 are the optimum soils to grow a fabulous new lawn. This type of soil is rarely found especially after new construction work. Initial Turf preparation can get the PH Balance right. 

How Deep does my Soil need to Be for Turf. 

An Minimum loose soil depth for your new lawns at least 75 mm, however for better rooting system you could loosen the soils to 150 mm. The loosening of your soil can be done by rotary hoeing. Adding to loosening or adjusting your soil is a must for proper turf Preparation. 

Will My soil need to be Prepared. 

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Ground preparation for new lawns to be laid.

Soils will almost always need to be prepared before planting new lawns. Improving your soil will give you far better results with your new lawn grass. Not preparing soil before planting will in most cases result in your new lawn to struggle to put down a decent root system. It could make it difficult for the grass to get the amount of water and nutrients it needs to survive and flourish. 

If you don’t prepare the soil you are inviting more costs over time and you will never see the full potential of you investment in a new lawn. 

Turfing Preparation work and soil preps are what Griffo’s do best. 


If your Soil has been prepared properly then no fertilisers will be needed until around a month after the turf has been laid. The nutrients in your organic under turf will be more than sufficient to get your new lawn off to a good start.  Once your lawn is properly established you can give it a feed with a good all round fertiliser. 


What can Griffo’s Turf do to help.

Griffo’s have the expertise in preparing soils for new turfs. We also have all the right equipment to prepare the job site quickly and efficiently. 

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We have the equipment for all soil preparation work.efficiently.

Griffo’s Can do your Turf Preparation work for you. 

Griffo’s Turf Preps. 

  • Dig up and Remove your old grass of turf.
  • Rotary How to loosen your ground.
  • Mix Sand and Gypsum to clay soils to break it up.
  • Levelling your land for Turfing Preps. 
  • Supply spread and level quality organic under turf soils. 
  • Supply and lay most types of Turf on the market in the Brisbane area. 
  • All the above at reasonable prices. 

Griffo’s are the experts in lawn prep, turfing and preparation work.

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