Prepare Clay Soil for Turf


Prepare Clay soils for Turf. 

Many new homes in the outer suburbs are unfortunately built on clay soils which clay, soil, turf, lawn, lawns, means a lot of the turf Grasses and plants we would like will struggle. Many will not survive in these soils. One option would be to amend the structure of the clay-soil to make it more turf friendly. 

Clays are often hard on Turf. Clays will absorb the water in the wet, it drains slowly and will become very sticky. When clay does dry out it will become very hard and compacted, making it very difficult to work. 

However clays are full of a lot of the goodies your plants and turf need. When compacted and hard the clay makes it just to difficult for your turf to set down its roots making it struggle to survive. Planting turf on heavy clays without first improving the your soil would be like leaving your plants in pots. Their foots will never be able to spread and establish properly. 

Rotary Hoeing Clay. 

For your turf to thrive the clay soils need to be broken down and built back up. Its amend clay soil, turf, lawn, lawns, grass, turf preparation, turf prep,not always just a matter of spreading some gypsum, sand and adding organic soils on top. Rotary Hoeing and mixing these components in however will help your turf grass roots grow deeper into the soil. This will make your lawn more drought tolerant as it can access more moisture from the deeper roots. 

Amending your clay soils will take a lot of work. Griffo’s use a rotary hoe to break up the hard compacted clays. After breaking up the clay we will add course sand, Gypsum and or organic materials and mic this all together with the rotary hoe.

Gypsum will help break down the clay soils. The Course sand will help to keep the ground from becoming so compacted again. And the Organic materials will give the soil a boost in nutrients. The breaking up of the clays with the rotary hoe and mixing will also improve the oxygen levels in the soil. 

This layer of amended soil should be around 100 mm deep if possible, deeper the better.  Sand Gypsum and Organic material needs to be mixed into the soils as deep as possible with the rotary hoe. 

Gypsum will also release some minerals into the soil. Gypsum will work on the clays and break it down making it easier to work with and easier for the turf roots to penetrate. When  using a combination of Sand organic materials and gypsum it is best to ensure they are all mixed together properly. The rotary hoe makes this job easy.

Amend your clay soil properly and you will end up with good healthy Lawn.

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